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gidday all .a fella i been selling few bits to [harley spares] sent me this email today offering a heap of bits to make my mini mill sieg sx2 into a cnc .in the time ive known him he is a good bloke so i am wondering wat these bits would be roughly worth an is it worth fitting to my machine .im not great on a puter but if i watch someone do something im ok heres part of the email the rest was just chat about his young fellas new bike they bought him
please let me know wat you think rough price as i dont wantto make a poor offer of parts if its worth a bit of money also is it worth doing to my little machine .i have fun on it but mainly working with 6065 and 6061 which i get dirt cheap at local scrap yard oops an brass the goldish type
cheers in advance Thumbsup

Hey Ron, hope your having a great day mate, this is three types of cnc, brackets, mounts, 3 nema 23 stepper motors, 1 nema 18, the mach 3 controllers by 2, they are simple and adapt to the usb connector as plug and play bios, I have adapters from the 6 mm output shafts to the ball screw , 1 cm in diameter, the board uses 3 breakout boxes, it has rs232 cables by 2, even the air/coolant hose, I have ball screws in the shed I can machine for a complete conversion, it interfaces which any printer port as long as it has 2 gig of random access memory, I can send it up to you if you want mate, it is a very accurate way of cutting, profiling, shaping, and general machining, once the set up is done, you hit enter go have a beers, smoke, whatever and when you walk in its finished, you can use it for flowing heads, machining heads, making anything, it really opens up a new world of machining excellence, reason I don't do it, I've done it!, and I don't want to be machining things I shouldn’t, I'm sure you understand what I mean, I have lots of cad TYPE programs which are user friendly, mach3, mach4, the 2500.00 industrial version, lazy cam, free cad which is online, you upload ideas, other engineers look at it, and modify it with knowledge they may have, like a forum but productive, I also have limit switches, either in mechanical and passive infrared, also a new type of laser sensor which is smart, it teaches the computer patterns of behaviour the mill has and saves it, il swap you some bits for it if you like Ron,
I'd ask him what kinds of bits he's lookin for to swap.
yea good call vinny .i have to be carefull as some bits are off bikes ive built for ppl an i always tell them an offer the money most dont care an let me keep it but still i gotta do the righty by them so i can sleep stretched out at nite lol not the fetal position .few have siad they do a 50/50 split on the money too.i got few sheds which are nearly full of bits so i got a bit of a chance to sort the machine for near nothing .i just get worried it maybe to much for the lil mill an for my ageing brain re the programming ect
They got programs for the computer that'll do most of that for ya. He even mentioned having some of them.