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Full Version: Planer Blade Grinder
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I need a better system for sharpening the thickness and jointer blades. And a project. 
Started with the fixture that will hold the blade. In order to make that we needed to make a clamp system for the shaper.
Almost at the limit of the shaper cutting 16 inches.
[Image: oWVfNH1DOMR6eTojIcRNc1a3mlcOPxjBUL-WyjUr...5-h1271-no]
Greg, how's that shaper working out for you?
Haven't used it a lot Dave, as is normal for shapers. I've cut a few keyways and odds and ends with it. Runs great. Do need to come up with or build a suitable vice for it. Im sure it would get a lot more use then.
I have  Grizzly G2790, grinder, I got it from my FIL estate, I've never used it, but before he passed, he said the grinder worked great, gave a nice, sharp, straight blade.
I've been using a Delta grinder Jack, does a good job, but a bear to set up, and it uses the side of a cup wheel to give a straight grind, I prefer a hollow grind to hone.
Finished roughing the blade holder on the shaper. Had to tighten up the belts, they were slipping on a .05 doc and .014 feed. Nice big curls but my stroke speed must have been too low, they wouldn't turn blue.
Mounted it in the mill for a couple of light passes to straighten out any warp from stress relief, and chamfer the one edge to clear the grinding wheel.

[Image: cejpY28-pseEnIx_DudtCBCFxHUjSB55X2vizAKe...5-h1271-no]
How big of a vise are you looking for the shaper? I have an old 6" skinner vise I don't use.
Thanks Steve, I occasionally steal the 6 inch from the mill but it looks pathetically small on the shaper. Would like to build or find something in the 10 or 12 inch range that had enough clamping force to tough the shaper. I was surprised the setup I used here worked but it did have the show on the end of the table to stop the work from skidding.
Looking forward to this!
[Image: jHyoo6QxY9yfgADsdlOaWQYDc2diJw9qy4PLNGRh...lj=s863-no]This 6" is pretty big. 22" overall length, only opens to 6" though.
[Image: 9Wby-ZbOdX_hS5vZs6b6SSeJrLRadN96X5DsYfzG...pp=s863-no]

And it's old so would go nice on the shaper. :-)
That is a heavy looking vice, wish I was closer.

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