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Full Version: Propane Forge
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I kinda figured it might be handy to have a small propane forge for the odd time I wanted to hammer out some project. I have a coal forge I made some 30 years ago, but I now live in a strata neighbourhood and they might object to the clouds of white smoke you get when the coal is coking off.

The first step was to cut a 2" hole through one brick for the burner. I re-used the one I made for my foundry. No point in duplication. A ring of 1/4" holes drilled with a masonry bit - hammer on the drill turned off to prevent cracking the brick. I cut 4 teeth on the end of the pipe I was using for the burner support tube and worked it by hand to drill through the brick. I wanted a slightly loose fit so the pipe wouldn't expand and split the brick.

I welded up upper and lower frames and clamped it all together with threaded rod.

I haven't fired it up yet. Waiting for warmer weather. This is an outdoor activity.