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Full Version: A different way to use a digital Mic
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Turning a bushing the final size of the OD would be less than 0.750. As I'm removing material and taking readings. 

Being a simple man I said self, how about presetting the mic too 0.750 and zero it?  Obviously the work piece OD of the bushing is larger. So open the mic and indicate it, then turn until I have zero..... too simple...

Feel free to flame, the only way to learn is to put it out there.

The boot,
I do that quite often.
No reason to flame, it's a good tip for those who haven't thought of using it before.

I have heard of this at least once before. They called it "work to zero". Set the DRO to the final size was to be, zero it, move the tooling and remove what ever material is between what is currently there and zero.

No opinions related to it being a good idea, bad idea, etc. Just that I had heard of it.
You would do the same thing if you had a DRO on your lathe, so think of your digital mic as sort of a mini DRO.

Exactly the very thought that went thru my mind when thinking about the usage.

Most recently, like yesterday saw your video showing and explaining a handy method of reaching the OD of a piece. The desired end result was to be 1.125, the part turned was too large @ .0120. I believe you set up the next cut @ .120....

Thinking why not .060, then I read some lathes can read a cross feed radius, ever heard of this?

A lot of them are set up that way and you can set up a DRO the same way. If you dial the cross slide in .010" on the dial, the actual cross slide only moves .005". The cut however, removes .010" from the diameter of the stock.

It saves having to divide the number by two.
You know that's exciting to know, my lathe could very well have that capability ... going to have a look. This kind of stuff, manufactures build into a machine and assume anyone using the thing would know about it.

Knowledge like that cuts the mistakes and confusion in half.

They're called "Direct Reading Dials". I'm planning on a mod to my Logan to install direct reading dials. Already have the dials, just need to make the support stuff.