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Full Version: shop built linux cnc plasma &router
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Cool!! Can you provide any details on it?
[attachment=14392 Wrote:Vinny pid='60718' dateline='1493601578'][attachment=14393]Cool!!  Can you provide any details on it?

2x2 x11ga. tube frame;Nema 23 Wantai Stepper Motor 425oz-in,3.0A,4Axis CNC Engraver, Cutter 3D Reprap Printer 57BYGH115-003B;6 sets linear rail SBR16 L300/1000/1300mm+SFU1605-300/1000/1300mm ball screw+3 BK12/BF12+3 DSG16H nut+3 Coupler for cnc, latest version of linux cnc,lotsa of you tube videos. have a lot of changes I would make if doing it again.