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Engine No13 well its time to show you this one don't no how long i have been working on it and once again its all made from scrap the cylinder has a 16mm bore the piston is made from a old brake cylinder piston the base plate is 10mm thick by 240mm long by 70mm wide fly wheel diameter is 100mm its got a 30mm stroke over all height is 105mm right pics
hi mor pics
Nice! You've got a lot more patience than I do hand filing those rectangular openings. Worthy

Bob it still amazes me the work you do without a mill. Your arms must bigger than the Hulk's.
What you accomplish without a mill and only basic handtools other than a lathe is much more than amazing Bob it's fantastic and almost beyond belief. From the pics it is very obvious that you are a true craftsman in the old world tradition. Keep up the excellent work I can only hope that when I get the time I can even come close to your skill level. Tom
Hi Bob,
Nicely done, Smiley-signs107 You are an inspiration to all of use Thumbsup
Smart looking flywheel Smiley-signs107
Looking really nice
Now that is hand madeSmiley-signs107Smiley-signs107
My elbows are hurting just thinking about all that filingRotflRotflRotfl
hi all thanks for the comments last pic


Top job Bob Smiley-signs107

you sure have the art of filling cracked Thumbsup

(05-03-2012, 03:21 PM)RobWilson Wrote: [ -> ]Top job Bob Smiley-signs107
you sure have the art of filling cracked Thumbsup
Not just the filing - quite a 'dab' hand with the hacksaw Thumbsup
Smiley-signs107 Bob
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