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With the increasing interest in 3D Printing and how the prices have fallen so much, I thought it'd be a good time to add this.
I was thinking that. Thanks, Vinny.
Thanks for adding this forum. I have a Anet A8 and am enjoying it. Except, I fubared the main board by disconnecting the extruder stepper while under power to troubleshoot a jam. Blew the onboard driver chip. Tried a Ramps 1.4 kit and for some reason it craped one of its stepper driver. Ordered an oem main board to get it going again while I figure out the Ramps problems.
Also got a 3d scanner in the works...

My board bailed yesterday too. I changed from PLA to ABS and the ABS wasn't feeding so I killed power. Eventually I got the ABS to feed and started my print which froze part way in. The bed heater wasn't heating. I shoulda listened to others with the same printer and added the mosfet board for the bed heater. Now I have to do it after the fact. Woulda been easier before everything was connected.
I got my first shipment today. 4 out of 5 rolls of PLA and ABS filament. Still a roll of white to come. The printer itself will take at least a few more weeks, even though the listing said they had sufficient stock in Canada. Amazon needs to get their act together.
They do have sufficient stock in Canada, once the boat from China is unloaded and passes thru customs and gets shipped to the distribution center and gets shipped from there to the regional warehouses.
Accurately outlined, Vinny.
Any suggestions for a source of reasonably priced filament of good quality? Chin

I bought mine from a number of places. The ABS I got from a dealer on ebay. It was a selection of many colors, 18 spools, I think. Then I bought a sampler from MicroMark. Unfortunately they no longer have that sampler. I don't recall all of the different types that were in there but wood and iron were two of 'em. I prolly posted about it here somewhere.
(06-27-2020, 05:33 PM)EdK Wrote: [ -> ]Any suggestions for a source of reasonably priced filament of good quality?  Chin


I've found Microcenter's Inland brand PLA to be a very good value. They have lots stock and colors on hand and at $19 a 1kg spool it's hard to beat. There may be better quality filaments out there but for what I print it does job. 

I'm in the process of building an enclosure so I can give their ABS a try.
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