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Full Version: 3D Scanning using Xbox Kinect
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Is anyone else using the XBOX Kinect sensor for 3D scanning? I have it set up using Skanect software and it works pretty well. Lots of videos on Youtube showing it.

The Kinect sensors are cheap as chips on eBay - I paid less than £20 including postage - and there is a free version of Skanect - but I pushed the boat out and bought the full thing, which is noticeably better.

You used a "trigger word" of mine -- boat. As I've mentioned previously, I work on 100+ year old wooden boats at my athletic club, the South End Rowing Club.

A discussion has been opened about building a new boat. I have a particular favorite to row, and we only have one.

What is the work envelope size? It would be stupendously cool if we could scan the boat and make templates from the original.
You can do a 'whole room' scan. The full version gives full control over scan volume
That's cool! I'll have to give it a whirl on Google.