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Full Version: Lift Table Restoration, Epoxy Primer and Acrylic Enamel Paint
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I just finished restoring and refinishing a lift table. To refinish it I used sprayed epoxy primer and acrylic enamel using a 2HP compressor. I thought I would share a short video on the project. 

Nice job on the lift table and the video.

FWIW, be very careful using catalysts. Although they improve the gloss cure the paint more quickly, they also represent a significant health risk. Most contain isocyanates and to safely spray material containing them requires a Tyvek suit, full face shield and a supplied air respirator. Charcoal respirators do not provide adequate protection. Isocyanates are nasty in that hazardous levels of them are below the threshold of smell and their effects are accumulative. I won't use them anymore because I know I have been exposed to significant levels of them over my career and don't want to risk setting myself up for a reaction. Modern acrylic enamels are capable of producing a very nice looking and durable finish without them.