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Full Version: End Mills
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Interested in opinions, references  for sources of, medium to high quality mills, Carbide cutting surfaces, state side please.

Thanks in advance

I can recommend McMaster-Carr. Very nice end mills.  Smiley-gen163
They carry the Niagara Cutter brand of end mills.

Toolmex sells Polish made HSS endmills, which I've been happy with.
Here's another place. Supposedly the end mills are made in the USA.

I have beeen purchasing the tooling from several high quality manufacturers who sadly have gone out of business.  It is a shame how our manufacturing base is eroding away..Over the past three years I have accumulated over 600K end mills, that's right 600,000.  I have about an even mix of used and new and before any one asks, there is no list and there never will be a list.  If you are serious about buying a quantity of end mills I sell these for about 30% of what the normal tool houses charge.
If you are interested send a reply with what you are looking for and I will try to get back to you.  Keep in mind I am 74 and don't get around as good as I used to---Imagine that. Smile