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Full Version: 3D printer design questions
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1) has anyone built this printer or one similar?  If so please post your opinion

2) I've been wanting to build a 3D printer, but I need another project like I need another hole in my head.  I'm focusing on raising my shop roof so I can get it functional again so this will not be an immediate project, but one for down the road.  Therefore, if I decide to build this unit is there anyone who would make the 3D printed parts for me, at a price of course.

If you have a recommendation for a different printer please say so.

Thanks in advance,

Haven't seen that one before.  I built this one, or close to it (came in a kit): But not from that seller.
That's a cool looking design. Mine is the same as Vinny's. My main concern with the cantilevered design is like building a milling machine out of a drill press - rigidity. It isn't as critical as a milling machine, but printers move in very fast, jerky movements, especially when doing honeycomb in-fill. You could end up with layers not lined up well enough.
I've used a Stratasys FDM and yes they move quickly. I'd be more than willing to give up some speed to increase accuracy so I'm going to keep my eye on this machine. But then I do not expect +/- .001" accuracy out of a RP machine.