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Full Version: PMC parameters
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I have a SMG model V32 vertical cnc mill and lost the PMC parameters. Can anyone help direct me to the files ?
 Thanks for your help.
Would those perhaps actually be the PLC parameters?

(Programmable Logic Controller)
No, PMC is Programmable Machine Controller.

ICETP, What's the make and model of the PMC? Is it a Fanuc?
the model is V-32, has a O-M fanuc.
CNC Zone has some guys that know the Fanuc OM - Check the forums.

I also found a couple of youtube videos where someone paged thru all the params and diags in case they lost their configs.  

The Fanuc OM manual gives the meanings of the parameters:  Fanuc Handbook I don't know if that'll help at all.

I haven't done anything with anything Fanuc in over 25 years, so that's about the limit of what I can do for you. Perhaps we have some other Fanuc guys here that can help.
I can do Fanuc 6M but not  OM :(