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Full Version: Lathe LED light
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After being sick of getting burnt off the halogen light, I made up a light a few weeks back and thought someone might be interested.

I made a couple of bases out of steel and just welded them together from the inside to give a neat look on the outside. They are basically copied off the commercial available ones. It has the cotter pin design to stop it swinging freely just like them as well

The arms are just aluminium square tube I had laying around (an old aerial), and the end fittings where just scrap I made up and welded together to suit, with a hole down the centre for the wires.

All the joints are friction with a nylock nut and a spring washers used to help out with pressure, and I put a switch in the base to turn it on and off.

The light my son gave to me and it's a LED multi voltage DC work light, I think I remember him saying it was 900 lumimum's. The voltage can range from around 9v to 90v and only needs around 0.5 of a amp to run it. The best thing over the halogen is this one only gets just warm, not hot.













And here is a bit more detail

The base is made of 6 pieces, the base which is a piece of 10mm from memory, the 6 triangle pieces and the top cap. I just tacked them up from the inside which was a bit of a mission with the 350 amp mig gun nozzle LOL, then used the die grinder to knock the weld down a bit.


For the wires to get though I drilled 10mm hole which allows enough room for the wires to get past the 6mm bolt.
This piece below was made out of 3 pieces and the 2 squares where machined and drill before cutting the angles on them. The wire only needed to be light because the LED doesn't draw much power.






Neat idea. I love the way your base turned out. It looks like it was tumbled in some form of media. Beautiful workmanship.Worthy

Thanks Ed,
I just sprayed it with some cheap $2 spray can strait over the metal, no tumbling, not even undercoat.

I did have some pictures of it in pieces before welding, but not sure where they have gone or which card there on, but if I find them I will post them up.

I really do need to get my butt in gear and learn to use my MIG welder. I can see how useful it would be.

I have had one for around 26 years and would never be without one. The easiest welder to use of them all.

(05-11-2012, 10:31 AM)Dave J Wrote: [ -> ]I have had one for around 26 years and would never be without one. The easiest welder to use of them all.



Spoken as one with 26 years experience,Big GrinSmiley-eatdrink004

As for me, I fall into Eds categoryBig Grin

I have projects complete with all materials just waiting on me Chin

Your light turned out very nice!!Smiley-signs107

If you can get someone with mig knowledge to set it up and give you a few pointer you will be welding like a pro in a week, honestly.

WOW Beautiful job on the base and hinges.
Very nice Dave
LEDs give a nice cool defused light
And like you say no more halogen burns
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