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What's the best penetrating oil?  There are a lot of opinions out there, some based on experience, AKA subjective data.  i was e-mail this link to a video of a guy who put together a scientific test to see if he could come up with a objective data based answer.

You can view it here:
Guess I'll keep using the ATF/acetone mixture. It's cheap (like me) and effective. Big Grin

Looks like I'll stick with ATF and Acetone as well. Wonder which one works quickest, my attention deficit disorder would never let them soak for 3 hours. Soak, pull on wrench, round nut or break off bolt, then drill it out.
I've been making my own for years. It's a well known "secret" on automotive forums.

Also works well for a parts wash, like when you're scrubbing all the accumulated junk off a part with a wire brush.
The neighbor swears by Kroil. I've seen it loosen up some really stuck stuff.
Yet it ranked second from last on the test. Other than heat, I don't think any of them do much to break loose a rusted bolt. Other than Liquid Wrench, most of them only reduced the breakaway torque by around 5%. Where the oils do help is in keeping a nut from seizing on a rusty bolt after it does break loose. Then, pretty much any oil will work.

After my house fire, I picked up a can of something called Javelin at Restore. When I was cleaning and reconditioning my machines, if I had a nut that the wrench wouldn't move, I gave it a shot of javelin. Within seconds, the same wrench would spin it loose. I don't know what's in it, but it definitely had some nasty solvents.

I haven't heard of this stuff before or since, but it does work.
Interesting replies.  I always swore by Kroil, but like most was put off by the price.

As previously stated a like bit of prevention is the best cure.  I learned about Never Seize when I worked for a short time in a Florida boat yard after my stint in the US Navy.  Amazing how it would keep aluminum housings & steel fasteners and of course steel on steel from becoming a solid unit in salt water.  It's also the best battery terminal corrosion prevention material I've ever used.  I also always use it on wheel lug bolts/nuts.

I also give a +1 for heat when ever possible.  When I tore down a '68 Mustang for rebuild I only broke one bolt by using WD-40 or heat when it appeared to be necessary.  Keep in mind it had been a North Dakota car, lots of road salt.

Hawkeye, can you post a pic of the can of Javelin?
(01-15-2019, 12:51 PM)Dr Stan Wrote: [ -> ]Hawkeye, can you post a pic of the can of Javelin?

Here it is.


For what it's worth I found a place selling it...

Javelin @ AMRE Supply

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