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Full Version: seized backplate pros and cons
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Google continues to piss me off. No better time than now to give something else a try.

I use both. If you're looking up a gmail address, google is not the place to do it. They intentionally hide results. So I use DDG for that. Then if I don't have any google tabs open I'll grab the DDG tab and look. I routinely have 500+ tabs open in the browser (multiple windows).
(01-20-2020, 05:06 PM)Vinny Wrote: [ -> ]I routinely have 500+ tabs open in the browser (multiple windows).

I thought that I was bad...  I only have about 60 different browser windows open (also in different windows) right now.  I use Brave Browser, which generally has a very small system load for each browser.  I used to use FireFox, but the memory leaks in it would cause my machine to lock up after it consumed all the available system resources.  Brave has its own issues, but consuming system resources isn't one of them.
I tried Brave, but since it's based on Chrome it has the same problem as Chrome. It can't handle the number of tabs and windows that I have open. Since switching the a solid state drive the memory leak problem went away. The resource issues were caused by swapping when an ill behaved site, or an ad on a site) gets out of hand and the drive can't swap quick enough. That's not an issue on the solid state drive, before that I've had to restart the browser a couple of times the same day - not often, but it did happen..
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