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I recently (read: yesterday) acquired a Grandfather clock. The cabinet is in pretty good shape for sitting around in the guy's garage for the last couple of years. All the parts are in great shape and only needing some time with the brass polish. The only bad part is the pendulum. It's the Lyre style :

[Image: pendulum1.jpg]

and all the brass colored parts are actual brass, except for the large disk at the bottom. It's brass plated metal and as you can see:

[Image: pendulum2.jpg]

It's been attacked by the rust monster. I thought about trying to sand the spots out, but after sanding out one of the spots, it took the brass coloring with it. I tried the heat method of putting brass back on but it doesn't look quite right.

I've thought about using some of that Rustoleum Brass spray since it has actual metal in it and is supposed to give a nice shiny look, but I don't want to waste my time if it's gonna look crappy and I have to remove it to try something else.

So I'm looking for ideas or possibly a review if you've tried that paint. Anyone?
Stores that sell the movements offer the pendulum separate, might not be outragous
Never thought of that, but the closest one I can find is $60 and not guaranteed to work with this movement.
Update! I just went on ebay and searched for Large Pendulum Bobs and out of the 9 listings, there were 2 in the size I needed. Just got a new one for $35 shipped, the other new one was $43 plus shipping.

Thanks for the suggestion Greg!!!
I was going to suggest you do a vinyl wrap on it in metallic gold, but it sounds like the problem is solved. Thumbsup 

Yep the problem is solved, but vinyl wrap?
Sure. Like the stuff used to wrap cars. It's available in any color imaginable, including gold film. You just stick it on and it will conform to pretty much any contour. Looks just like paint, or in this case metal, when applied. I did the lower panels on my truck (satin charcoal) for a two tone look and it worked great.


VViViD Gloss Chrome Gold Vinyl Wrap
Interesting. I just ordered some, we'll see how it is. Thanks!

Also an update on the one I bought, this morning the seller refunded me 6.25 (excess shipping), so the end price was only 28.75 shipped!

I need to find some brass polish today, after I get the weights polished and hung, I'll take some pics of it. I still need a wood panel for the side. It measures 9.5"x7"x.25" and is cut out with some burlap type of cloth behind it. Kinda like a speaker grill so you can hear the chimes. Gonna have to make this one, online, for 2, with or without the burlap, they want, ready for this?, $295 PLUS SHIPPING! It's a piece of plywood a quarter of an inch thick!

Once I find some of that burlap stuff (prolly have to hit JoAnn's), I'll peel it off the one I have so I have a pattern. There's absolutely nothing special about this panel. $295... not outta my wallet!
Here's the existing panel. Like I said, nothing special.

[Image: clock-panel.jpg]
(02-13-2019, 11:04 AM)Vinny Wrote: [ -> ]Interesting.  I just ordered some, we'll see how it is.  Thanks!

Be sure to read up on the application process before trying it. You'll need a squeegee to work the bubbles out and a heat gun to help the film wrap around the edges and stay put.

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