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Full Version: Huff & Puff
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Well I picked my next engine build.
Looks like fun. Are you going to run it on steam or compressed air?

Lung Power I suspect from the name.
Compressed air then.  Big Grin
Here is what I got done today. I finished the cylinder and heads for 2. One will go to my Father in  law on that one I am going to try and make a cylinder with a weighted piston to supply the air. I don't want him trying to get it to run at 97 years old. The other I may try my hand at a small model boiler for it.

Ok didn't get a whole lot done.
I squared up 2 blocks and drilled the connecting rod hole.
From there I put it in a 4 jaw on the lathe and turned up the little boss.
Then went back to the mill drilled the 2 0-80 screw clearance holes and proceeded to mill the block to what you see now. 
What is left is the crank hole, radius's and general clean up.
Hope to get them done before the weather gets to nice to stay indoors  [Image: wink.gif]
Been trying to take pic along with video when I remember.
Looks like good progress to me. Thumbsup

Ok finished up the frame or base still needs some hand work though.
Got the flywheels also done.
Then I got distracted and played with my V-8 engines a bit. LOL
Well got a little done today between going and getting my pepper seeds and tomato seeds and starting soil. Tomorrow I plan on getting them planted in the starting tray.

  So anyway I did get the crank done
also the slide valve and piston.
Finished the last parts still need to powder coat and then think about the air supply device.

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