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Full Version: Tractor loader rebuild
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That's quite a project, Pete. It's been fun watching you work through all of the challenges. It must be fun to finally be able to put it to work.

(12-23-2021, 09:28 AM)JScott Wrote: [ -> ]That turned out great! Now how about some details on that grapple? Popcorn

There's a thread on the grapple build just a bit further down the 'projects' page JScott. Best thing I have ever built and I'm indebted to SteveG for turning my crayon drawings into CAD which made it possible.
I've been using the loader for about a year before removing it again to have it blasted and get some paint on it, I wanted to make sure there weren't any significant changes required before I did that. There weren't. I still plan to build a euro-style quick attach for it but there's no hurry on that, the JD hitch works fine for now. It sure is nice to have it actually finished.
Thumbsup Thanks!
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