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Full Version: Jack Puzzle
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I saw a cool puzzle yesterday and decided I had to have one. The price seemed a bit steep at $95, so my cheap ass self found a review on You Tube and reverse engineered the pieces, modeling and detailing it in Onshape. The parts are made from 1/2" brass bar, so it was fun to work with and has a pleasant heft, weighing in at around a pound. Someone put a lot of thought into this because it took me a while to wrap my head around what cuts had to be made on what parts to get it all to slide together. There is one key part that when removed, allows all the other parts to fall apart. Reassembling it still gives me some trouble, as it is easy to start it out wrong and get some of the parts off center. Anyway, it was a fun challenge and nice to make some metal chips again.


[Image: 20200211_105117.jpg]

[Image: 20200211_103233.jpg]
As the saying goes, without pictures it never happened, well without the plans you never made it. lol
Looks like a fun project.
Well then, here is a link to them. Big Grin


Onshape puzzle assembly
Thanks Tom, will have to give it a try.