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Full Version: 8ft LED bulbs source?
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I'm looking for the best price on 48 8ft single pin LED bulbs to replace the fluorescent bulbs in my shop.  So far the best price I've found is on EBay, $469.99 for a quantity of 50.  Has anyone located a better buy?
A friend of mine works at an RV paint shop and just finished replacing all the 4 and 8' florescent tubes with LED tubes. He says the 8 foot tubes are already starting to get some of the LEDs burning out, but not the 4' tubes. They replaced hundreds, had to rewire all of them to get rid of the ballasts.
I am going to do this, and I still think the eight foots are expensive!! What I intend to do is use four foot single end feed tubes, and put either two or four per fitting, depending if they are singles or twins. This will mean a centre clip to support the ends of the tubes, but as I have also heard about the cheaper eight footers losing leds quite quickly, I think this is the way to go!
Far East Yorkshire
Well I have fifty 8 footers on the way. Hope I didn't make a mistake. I already have to hang and wire the fixtures again so rewiring isn't a big deal (all but three are mounted). I'm going from having sixteen 8ft florescent double bulb fixtures at 8 foot off the floor to 24 eight foot LED double bulb daylight fixtures 12 ft off the floor in my 24X48 shop. That should help these 65 YO eyes see details that were being missed. I also have four ft florescent fixtures I hang above my machines to add lighting and will have LED task lights on each machine. I plan to be able to see what I'm doing. After I first built my shop my late wife, who was an artist and had macular degeneration, complained I didn't light up the house as well as my shop. Had to explain that retrofitting is not as easy as installing lights during construction.
Do they make 8ft LED tubes, or are they all 4 footers that you stick together?
They make 8 ft tubes, but from what I hear you may be better off putting two 4s together.
My 8ft long LED tubes are currently sitting in my garage.  I should begin wiring my shop today or tomorrow.  Some lights, a 110 outlet and a 220 outlet and new service lines and conduit.  Should be able to pass electrical inspection so I can get power back in the shop instead of having to string together 10ga extension cords from the house.

Then I can start on the installation of my car lift. Thumbsup