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[attachment=16618][attachment=16619]Hi Guys,
I've been posting on another  forum topic and everyone's been helping me with a project problem. Don't know if anyone "happen" to see this on u-tube, but I did and decided I had to have one. Thought you might be interested just because it's rather unusual and there are only about half a dozen have been made, I believe. It's an AR-15 80% Lower receiver with the Upper converted to bolt action. There were no dimensions - only a video so I had to decide where to place the bolt (literally a shoulder bolt) and where to divide the charging bolt basically in 1/2; to permit the bolt enough rearward movement to scoop the next round (300 Blackout) off the magazine. Before it bumps into the alum. plug I made for the buffer tube threads. Please see pix, if I can attach it.
Not my cup of tea, but it is an interesting concept.
Interesting concept. Hopefully you have looked into the state and federal legalities of creating such a thing on an AR receiver.

Having built five 80% AR-15 based rifles and pistols over the past 4 years; yes am quite familiar with the GCA 1968 and 1986. No stock so not an SBR as described in the Gun Control Acts. And, only a 10 round mag. so would even be legal in communist California. Except for the "ask for a S/N" before construction can be started. Law says I can build as many as I want. Just can't sell or give them away to anyone outside the family. Thanks for reminding me that all states are not the same. The guy on the video (where I got the idea) was in Mich., I believe and he was going to mount a suppressor on the threaded bbl. and use it for hunting - which a number of states are looking at. Pretty effective with sub-sonic 300 Blackout factory ammo. Not Hollywood movie quiet, but somewhat more quiet than without a suppresser. I just wasn't ready to spend $1000 or more and pay the $200 tax stamp to fit the suppressor. I'm happy with the FDE paint job. Don't know how it will hold up, but was my 1st attempt to do that.  Thanks for your interest.