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Full Version: Home Depot V Lowes
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Just got back from a trip to HD & Lowes.  Went to Lowes first as I wanted to order a tankless water heater they had on sale online.  They wanted to charge me an extra $40.00 if I ordered it at the store.  Had to make the purchase online.  Well there were a couple of items Lowes didn't have so I went down the street to HD.  Took the printout of the waterheater to customer service and essentially said "what can you do for me."  They were quite helpful and found a tankless unit that was the same price $104 and change but had more capacity.  0.6 GPM V 0.5 GPM for the Lowes unit.  On top of that they also gave me my veteran's discount on the special order.   Thumbsup
$104 for a tankless water heater?
I just checked and they have one sink water heaters for $99 and $104. I may have to invest.
(07-14-2020, 11:12 PM)Vinny Wrote: [ -> ]I just checked and they have one sink water heaters for $99 and $104.  I may have to invest.

When I checked it was cheaper than a 2.5 gallon point of use traditional water heater.  They were $250/$275.  All it takes is a 240V 20 amp circuit.  Super simple to wire and being electric no exhaust.  The price of tankless water heaters has taken a serious drop. Smile
So ... Is it hooked up yet? How's it work?
(08-06-2020, 06:15 PM)Vinny Wrote: [ -> ]So ... Is it hooked up yet?  How's it work?

Works great.  The temp that comes out of the hot side of the faucet is perfect.
Cool! Next time I'm near home depot I'll be stopping!
None of the Home Depots near me stock them, BUT, they put them on sale last week for $79 for the 3.8KW 220V model. There is now one hanging on my wall!! Free Shipping to the house too!!! I need to add an aerator on the faucet tho, the water comes out too fast to heat up fully, but if I slow down the flow it's fine.
To update, the aerator did the trick.