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Full Version: before & after
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Before and after pics of my shed.  Insurance company totaled it out.  I repaired it for less than $300

I feel ya Stan. Been there done that.
Nicely done Stan. Hope you got a good payout on it.
I had a tree fall on my carport a few years ago, it's 6 meters x 12 meters attached to the end of the house. The tree damaged the roof gutter and half of the colourbond roof sheets. I had a good chat with the insurance assessor, he got me a cash settlement equivalent to the lowest repair quote. With the money I built new columns to raise the roof by around 900mm at the front and 1200mm at the back, enabling me to get my 4wd in there with a canoe on the roof where I couldn't even get the vehicle in before. Put a polycarbonate wall on one end. Think I still made a profit after lifting it, repairing it and paying my son-in-law for a couple of days labour.