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Full Version: Filament Review
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I bought a roll of this stuff from Amazon & that'll be the last one. Print a job, let it sit overnight still in the extruder and it'll break for sure. The first time it happened the printer kept on printing even though it has a filament sensor. Luckily I caught it before it got too far into the job. Fixed the filament sensor issue and the next few jobs I go to print and the filament has snapped off. I leave it in the extruder between jobs which, as far as I know, is OK to do. I had no problems with the spool of filament I got with my printer.  17428

Oh, and it's stringy as hell.

I looked at the reviews on Amazon and the consensus for that filament is that it use to be good quality but lately has gone to hell. Lesson learned. Good thing I only bought one spool of it.


I never take the filament out of the extruder and have never had any issues. I've tried to aways use Inland filament from Microcenter but have had to give a couple of brands from Amazon a try as Microcenter was out of PETG in black and I did not like the seriously orange look their red PETG had.

I'll let you know how those brands work out in a few weeks.
I'll be trying a spool of that Inland filament next. It's got to be better than the 3D Solutech stuff.

I'll vouch for Hatchbox. Great filament. I've used PLA, PETG and ABS from them with no issues.
Right on cue this morning.  Bash


Unless I need to change color, I leave it in till it's gone, or there's not going to be enough to finish an upcoming print. The stuff that's in there now is ABS and has been in for a few years! I put it in 'cuze it's green ABS and my niece was going off to Michigan State, so I made her some Spartan cookie cutters (she bakes). She graduates this year!
Second the recommendation for Hatchbox. Got a spool of black PLA, and have had very good results. Only problems I have had with it turned out to be bed leveling issues. Note: if you move your printer, it will probably need to be re-leveled.