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Full Version: Two post lift
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I have started the process of installing my Nussbaum German designed and built car lift.  It has absolutely minimum usage and shows zero wear on the cylinder rods.  One side down and one to go.  The installation manual I received from Nussbaum shows a different bottom plate (rectangular) than the model I have.  Consequently I am raising the posts, attaching the cross bar then getting everything plumb and square so I can take measurements and cut holes in the concrete floor that will match up.  Built the "movers dollys" using 10 inch (250mm) casters four of which I'll eventually re-purpose as all terrain casters for my scaffolding.  If you noticed the block and tackle I used it to raise the chain hoist to the needed height.
Looks like you are well under way. Smiley-signs107
Upon raising the posts I have discovered the cross bar will interfere with the garage door opener. Bash Should have raised the roof to 14ft and installed a 12ft tall door. Slaphead

So I'm going to modify the crossbar by making a 18 inch by 36 inch "notch" in the middle to give the opener room to operate.  I'll also have to modify the upper limit safety switch trip bar by 18". That will be easy as there is a 3/8"/10mm rod that actuates the safety switch that can easily be replaced with a longer one.  I'm thinking about a removable one with a coupling and a set screw as the convertible will easily clear the "notch", but the pickup is a different issue.  Will need to do a lot of measuring.

Got to get busy cutting concrete. Smiley-signs024
Well I meant to take a pic of the "cage" I built before I poured concrete and just plain forgot. It's now encased in concrete. I also learned something. That's the LAST time I pour concrete in excess of a bag or two of bag crete. OMG did my back hurt and I'm not happy with the surface. In order to have 4 yards delivered I also had a spot for small pillars for the foundation of a future 10X10 outbuilding and a section of driveway. I'm 66 and have scoliosis. Hate to say it but I'm getting too old for this crap. Getting quotes to have my driveway repaired.