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Appears to be well worth the $77.00.
After viewing his "About Membership" video, my impression is that you can download his tool list and drawings and watch (not download) the videos for $77.00 per month. The membership automatically renews every month unless you cancel it.

I used to watch some of his videos back when he was putting them on YouTube for free. Then he took them all down and went pay-per-view. (Patreon Membership). Now it looks like he has moved to PayPal to get direct payments.

If he was selling a DVD set with all 350 video's on it for the $77.00 I might have considered it.
His web page says it's a "One Time $77.00 Fee".  I do not plan on ordering, but am curious to learn the details from anyone who does.  $77 for a lifetime membership sounds good.  $77.00/month not so much.
I agree with Willie. $77 for a CD might make sense. My concern about the "$77 for a lifetime membership" is that the lifetime might be only until he gets bored or has other issues that would prevent him from maintaining the site. The CD I could pass on to my survivors ... a link that returns 'Site not found' may not even be available to me in 2 years.
Spot on arvid. I'm still not sure if it's a one-time "lifetime" payment or a monthly fee for continued access though. He has conflicting info on the same page.
Judging from his Youtube vids, it is dry and boring. Rather watch This Old Tony.
(09-16-2020, 03:35 PM)rleete Wrote: [ -> ]Judging from his Youtube vids, it is dry and boring.  Rather watch This Old Tony.

Two ends of the spectrum for sure.
Just goes to show an excellent tech does not always make a good supervisor or teacher.