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Full Version: need some advice
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I have a 30/30 single shot breach loading rifle to which I would like to mount a scope for deer hunting.  What would be an appropriate scope for this purpose?  I'll probably purchase the scope from The Sportman's Club and mount it myself.

BTW, I inherited this weapon from my Dad.  It has three interchangeable barrels.  22 hornet, 20 ga shotgun, and the 30/30.  I hunted with the 20 ga and Dad & I used the 22 hornet for varmint hunting.  There is one action and two stocks.  One of the more unusual weapons I've ever seen.  The hornet already has a scope.
Thompson Center? (T/C Encore?)

Scope choice is up to you. Budget and what conditions will it normally be used in to be considered. Long range in open fields or short range in heavy brush - long eye relief / short eye relief... depends. I keep a 3x9 Leupold on my Marlin 336CS, but it hasn't been out in the woods for decades.  Sad
Probably in brushy areas. The 30/30 is heavy enough to punch through most underbrush.

I am thinking about something along these lines:
I would mount a 1x4 Variable Power. 1 power give you good field of view, and plenty for brush busting. 4 power will do for longer shots with a 3030 Win. good out to about, 2-300 yards max. It is light and easy to use for quick shots. I would not put any thing over 4 power on it