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Full Version: Rohm Drill Chuck
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I tried moving the posts about my Rohm drill chuck to this thread but it didn't work. I didn't want to pollute the "Latest Delivery" thread with my drivel about the problems with the Rohm chuck so I started this thread.

That wasn't lacquer on the chuck. I soaked it in lacquer thinner all night and it didn't do much to remove it. It turns out to be some sort of plastic coating that was sprayed on. I had to take picks, a small screwdriver and tweezers to clean out the gear ring teeth of the plastic. I now have it soaking in acetone and hopefully in the morning the plastic will have dissolved. The plastic had gotten into the chuck jaws making it bind in certain spots so I'm hoping the acetone will remove it.

Oh, and I got a new chuck key from McMaster. It's a Jacobs brand. Much better key.


[attachment=17214]  [attachment=17215]
The acetone didn't do a lot to the plastic. That's some tenacious material whatever it is. I cleaned the chuck up a bit more, especially the surface that the jaws ride on. Now it's pretty smooth throughout the full range. I dripped a liberal amount of Starrett instrument oil alongside the ring gear and worked the chuck and now it's quite smooth. At least it's usable now even though it looks like it has some sort of skin disease.  Confused


Who/where did you order this from?
Amazon.  Blush

I paid $50.40 for it on July 7th. Now they're selling it for $32.77. That's probably closer to what it should cost. Just my luck.  Bash


Order another one and return that one as defective for a refund.

I just did that with a metal outlet cover I bought for a gang box from an Amazon 3rd party seller. Right after I bought it Amazon put up the same part for 1/5 the price shipped straight from Amazon. Reason for return: Found it for a better price. The system asks you for a link to where you found it cheaper. Dead simple - Big Grin

Amazon will email you a QR code. Just print it out and take it and the chuck to a UPS store. You don't even have to box it up. UPS will package it up and send it back to Amazon - no charge.
I installed it on the drill press and measured the run-out at slightly more than .003" using a .3125" gauge pin. I can live with that. It's much better than the chuck that came with the drill press.

This chuck is turning out to be very nice. It's loosened up and no longer binds. Very smooth operation. Thumbsup