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Full Version: Hydraulic crimper.
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Making a cable fence? to go around our deck. The commercially made ends were out of consideration (you can build a whole deck with what a dozen of these cost). HF has a hydraulic crimper that fits the cable to the custom ends I made. This is a well made tool, I use it to squeeze the end of battery and welding cables to their connecters. You can't beat the price.
I also have one and, assuming you totally ignore the work-of-fiction 'gauge' numbers on the dies, think it's great.
I almost bought one once upon a time, but knew I would never get that much use out of it. I've got a couple of the old 'Armstrong' powered bolt-cutter type crimpers instead. And an impact punch type for battery & welding cables. Only needed them a few times but probably cost close to what a hydraulic crimpers cost now if I add them together.  Chin

Nice job on the fencing.  Smiley-signs107