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Full Version: Rebuilding TheMac #445 spindle
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Hi everyone.
I need to replace the bearings in my TheMac J40 #445 spindle, it sounded like it had marbles in it, when I used it the other day. Yes I oiled it with Mobil light spindle oil before turning it buy hand before powering it up. It is an older model J40 I bought about 15 yrs ago. Any help like bearing numbers, suggestions on reassembly, what to use to clean the gunk from inside, can I reuse the the oil pads inside the spindle. There are no numbers on the the bearings. So I need to find replacements.the RPMs on the side of the spindle is stamp is 9300 RPM. Any help will be greatly appreciated.
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Hello CH. Welcome to the forum. Welcome

My suggestion would be to email the company with your questions to get the best answer(s).