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Full Version: Popular Mechanics projects
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Anyone else fascinated by the projects in the old Popular Mechanics magazines from the 50's and 60's? I've found many interesting items and tips in them. They're on google books since they're out of copyright status. I found this tool bit grinding jig today. I'm amazed at the amount of information they were able to squeeze into an isometric sketch. 

Yup, love the old magazines.

This one looks simple and useful. 

Found another one. 

These could be handy. Interesting that they are turned eccentrically. 

First thing I'll do to my vise when I get it.  Just need to make sure the handle is stout enough to accept a groove and still be able to crank down on the handle without deforming or breaking it.  It won't take much of a groove to register a small ball bearing.

They had some pretty neat projects.
One thats on my list (not at the top but there) was a sort of submarine. It had two longish wings that went out to pontoons. The body would submerge 3 or 4 feet as the arms hinged, keeping the pontoons on the surface. A blower brought air down from one and out the other. A trolling motor on each pontoon propelled it. Would be a hoot cruising the shallows.
Can't find the issue anymore, might have been Popular Mechanics.

Funny, not much comes up on it anymore
Here's a link to a really small photo
That is not a sub. That is the star ship "Enterprise".   Rotfl  


If you are going to build one make it a classic like the Nautilus.  Big Grin