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Full Version: Cheap 5 minute leather punch
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I needed some more holes punched in my fat boy belt since i have lost so much weight. I didn't want to drill them as i always did before. So i grabbed a 3/8" bolt from my junk pile, wacked off the threads with a saw. Then countersunk with a small countersink. Then turned the OD down to size of the hole i wanted. The sharpness was already there with the countersunk end just touched up with a file. I drove the punch thru the belt with a block of wood underneath and perfect hole. There was 20 ways i could have done this it was the simpliest at the time...Bob
Nice simple idea for a "wad "punch67996799
I am putting holes in the other end of my beltSlapheadSlapheadSlaphead

Good idea Smiley-signs107

Yup, that's a good tip. I also need to punch some holes in my belt because I'm loosing weight. Now I know how I'll do it. 6799

I actually needed one more hole Smiley-dancenanaSmiley-dancenana My pants were still falling off...Bob
Hmmmm, not sure the dancing banana's are the ideal choice to go with that last comment Bob!
I don't need more hols just a longer belt good post