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hi all i went to johns to day for a visit on leaving he gave me a peace of marble that had cum from a fire place so that was my project for today when i got home i marked off the broken edges to be cut off then i cut notches in the ends to stop the corners braking off i furst tried to cut the marble with a diamond blade in me angel grinder it was not having any of it i had to put a stone cutting disc in that did the job driest dawn the edges the top is all dun next thing is to make a frame for it to sit in right pics
That did not take longWorthyWorthy
My diamond disc would not touch it eatherBashBashBash
That came from a 80 year old fire place
Mind it was underground for millions of years before thatRotflRotfl
So it should be fairly stableThumbsupThumbsup
Useful thing to have Thumbsup
I often find myself going through offcuts at the local kitchen granite benchtop supplier, these make great work benches, they aren't as flat as granite surface plates but you know what they're pretty good and if you're doing smaller "hobby sized" parts they are quite flat enough for basic marking out.
Best regards
yep till i got this i was using a granite flour tile is suppose you all no haw to polish granite and marble
I'm always willing to hear about a Process, How do you polish Granite and Marble?
well you will need a bucket a bar of sope a oil stone that ant had any oil on it and wet and dry sand paper soke the oil stone in the bucket give it a rub with the sope then just start rubbing start with the cores grit then the fine then finish of with 400 wet and dry sand paper used wet with the sope you will get a nice finish did not do the top just the edges rounded them off ps don't put was up deturgent in the bucket as this will a fekd the wet and dry sand paper ie the grit cums off
ps for give me speling
Bob no apology needed.

Thanks for the quick how to.Smiley-signs107

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