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Full Version: a lathe lock
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hi all i posted this on a other forum so will post it her as well i needed a way to lock the chuck off had a bit of a rummage on the net too see wot was out nothing Pacific to my lathe so i made my own their is a bracket on me lathe for the change wheels to go on to for screw cutting so i used this as my mounting point for the head lock i don't no wat the tube cum off i made a bracket to Mount the tube on too i then i made up the locking pin and silver soldered them up threaded the end of the locking pin rod m6 made a tee Handel the bit i don't have a pic of is the nylon bush that was put in the tube to support the road and for the spring stop any way her is the picks


Nice going Bob Smiley-signs107

You planning on doing a bit indexing in the lathe ? Thumbsup

What other attachments will you be making for the lathe to go with your indexer ?

Rob Popcorn
well i have made a dividing head for it which i will post the billed of it tomorrow thanks for the comment
Nice Bob, Applaud

someday I'll have enough confidence to at least consider altering my machine. Blush

This is a very good mod Drool
It is so simple (once you have seen it done)ThumbsupThumbsup
Well done Bob
It will make fast indexing easy

Nicely done, Smiley-signs107