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Full Version: deviding head for a compact 8
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hi all its not my idea but i had seen something smilier for a miford 7 so i had a go and mad one for me lathe i used the bracket for mounting the change gear wheel on to for the support bracket i had salvaged the worm drive from a burnt out motor the first thing i had to do is lengthen the shaft to fit the dividing plate see pic then i made up the top and bottom bush to fit in to the tube witch is off a cup tree then made the plate up that will bolt the drive to the bracket right pics
This is all very good stuff
You are showing people with way more gear how things can be doneWorthyWorthyWorthy

Nice going Bob!


That's a nice bit of kit you have there. Not used everyday but very useful when you do need it. Smiley-signs107
thanks all last bit yep you guest it sawing a lump of stainless steel for the indexing plate direst it up made a recess in it to fit on to the top bush marked it out for the 4 m5 screw's i put one of the screws further in so if the plate cums off it will only go back on one way made the bracket for the detente made up the detente panted it all up then for the test if you go to a shop with a big A at the start of its name you will find paper tape mashers hanging up well me being me i got a hand full and they just go round me chuck spot on made up an indexing pointier move the detente by two the Head moves by two pics
Very well done
How long did it take to hack your way through that lump of bar


ThumbsupThumbsup nice going Bob Smiley-signs107

Nice work Bob.

However, looking at your work I think you were born too late - I could just see you cutting the cylinders on a steam engine with a hammer and chisel, and getting a perfect fit to the piston. I am amazed at the work you do, with the tools you have at hand. It would take me a week to cut that with a hacksaw.
thanks for the coments well the time to cut it wood say 20 minets or so i don't keep gowing i stop naw and then