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Full Version: referb of a magnetic V block
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HI all a bit off topic at first i went to see rob Wilson at his work shop and a nice shop it is two and his shiny bits are even more shiny up close thanks for letting me play right on leaving he gave me a well beet up magnetic v block to play with and Wat will become a new compound slide for me lathe i set the V block up in me 4 jaw chuck and direst off all the faces no pics of the next bit but on one side their was a aluminum plug i removed this to gain axises to the workings with a Peace of brass i gave the magnet a thump with a hammer and the front fixings came out with the magnet cleaned it all out re greased it and put it all back together i made a new plug for the back but in stead of aluminum i used sum black nylon bar then taped that in to place the hole in the botom is fore a grub scruw for the stop when turning the magnet off tright pics
That will be a very handy bit of kitThumbsupThumbsup
Nice bloke that Rob Wilson
Not a bad machinist etherBig GrinBig Grin
yep you can say that a gane
Another man's trash is another man's treasure! Nice work there Bob. Now you just have to convince him to throw out a mill :)
can you a magen the work that i wood do on a mill