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Full Version: a new compound slide
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hi all rob also gave me a compound slide off a myford 7 for me to convert in to a compound slide for my lathe this will be a long proses the first thing was to strip dawn the slide and give it a good clean sum pics


I see your getting cracking Bob Thumbsup

Lets no if you need any material for the base Popcorn

hi rob will do I'm thinking of a beater way to Locke the compound slide will post more pics tonight
hi all sum pics of bits bin panted then i set two on the slide i cut off the original fixing points of the slide then field them squire the compound is clamp by the means of a resest plate and two nuts locking the index ring to the Cross slide i am thinking of a other way to Locke this i will see as things go on i started to turn up Wat will be the index ring and the compound slide base right pics

I see you borrowed Rob's shiny metal camera you lucky dog. Big Grin

Looking good Bob
Shiney metal & blue paint

Not bad, not bad at all Smiley-signs107
Looken sharp Bob,Drool

Nice work Bob!!!

I am sure it is going to make your compound rock solid!!!

hi all i did a bit more tonight finished Wat will be the index ring and clamping ring the outer ring is 65mm the inner ring is 50mm with a 12.6mm reamed hole for the center pin with a 4mm internal step pics
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