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Full Version: Building The Steven's Favorite
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Thanks Dallen.

No on the slots. Just don't care for the look.

Nice work Tom. Thanks for the tip on using the drill chuck to press against the die. I have to make a M5 x 0.5 thread so that tip may come in handy.

You are welcome Ed. I was debating on whether to even show the steps to make the screws, so it's good to hear that someone gleaned something from them.

(01-20-2013, 11:56 PM)TomG Wrote: [ -> ]Thanks Dallen.

No on the slots. Just don't care for the look.


does look sorta strange all the screw slots going the same way, when you know that there's no way in heck that you can get the taps and dies started the same every time.

I can't imagine NOT gleaning something from any one of your posts Tom.

What I want to know is how you get such perfect radii on your form tools? 17428

And don't tell be to buy a T&C grinder.... Big Grin
Thanks Willie,

No T&C grinder (wish I had one). They are all ground freehand on a bench grinder using a radius gauge as a reference (with lots of good back lighting), then stoned to make final adjustments and take out the tool marks. The small ones are easiest, like the 1/32" one for the sight, I just dress the corner of the wheel and touch the tool to it.

Great work and nicely shown Worthy
I finally got all the bugs worked out of the tang sight design and finished it up. By finished, I mean the parts are made, but there are still a few things to do. The elevation and windage marks need to be applied, but that won't be until the gun is shootable and like the rest of the parts, they still need to be hardened, polished and blued. The windage and elevation adjustments work well as does the detent mechanism to lock the sight in the raised and lowered position. I was happy with the way it folds down, completely out of the way, to allow use of the standard iron sights.


[Image: 001_19.JPG]

[Image: 004_16.JPG]

[Image: 003_15.JPG]
Fantastic work as always Tom. I'm really looking forward to seeing this finished, especially the bluing and colour case hardening (which I hope will get detailed write ups).
Thanks Darren, I intend to continue the documentation all the way through the project. There may even be a video or two for the barrel drilling, rifling and of course the test firing. Sweat

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