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Full Version: Loco on air
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Gentlemen she runs!! On air at least.

[Image: th_MOV03014.jpg]

She sounds pretty tight in spots yet but she runs. Yahoo!!! ;D ;D ;D

Still along way to go before it is finalized but at least I know she runs.

Click on pic for video.

I started this about 3 years ago. (For back ground see here)

Beautiful work
Runs wellSmiley-eatdrink004Smiley-eatdrink004


Hi Ron ,,,,,,,,,Smiley-signs107

Runs great WorthyWorthy ,,,,,,,,Those wheels still impress me Thumbsup

Very cool! Smiley-signs107 Three years you say? Wow! At my speed that would probably take the rest of my life and then some (and I'm not that old Blush).


Absolutely beautiful - fantastic WorthyWorthyWorthy
John, Thanks. Very much appreciated

Rob, Yeah, I really like seeing them go round and round now. Thanks

Ron, I still have a very long way to go yet. Thanks

DaveH Thanks . You're so kind.

hi and well dun
Beautiful work there Ron.

Whilst the black and white picture and video give it that olden day romance, I'd love to see it in full colour.

Bill Gruby

Very nice Ron, very nice indeed.

Billy G Thumbsup
That's just flat dab awesome Ron!!!!!! Smiley-signs107

So cool. ThumbsupThumbsup

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