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Full Version: home made runing center
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hi all this is a runing center i mad up sum time a go i needed a small ruining center and i had seen loads of ways to mack one so i made one i started off with a No2 Morse taper witch ones was a drill i cut the remains of the drill off then plasted it in to a No3 morse taper sleeve to fit in to the head of my lathe checked that it was ruining strate then i turned dawn Wat was left of the drill shank to 15mm i then put groves in it lent ways to help the air to escape when i silver solder the Bering holder on .then made up the Bering holder this was 25mm DI by 80mm long 20mm of the back was drilled out to fit the 15mm DI on the taper i then solderd it all up and once cool put it back in to the lathe and drest it up drilld out the center to fit the berings right pics
Looking good Bob Smiley-signs107
Old morse taper drills are very handy Smiley-dancenanaSmiley-dancenana
hi last bit i got two thrust Bering's from SNK sos i can not remember the dimensions of them i then made up Wat will be the ruining center point out of silver steel this has two steps in it one for the Bering's and the other for locking the shaft off for regrinding if needed at sum point i then put the point on then hardened it off then put the lot together the grub screw is for locking the point off and also a greasing point to keep the Bering's well lubed up the last pic is of the big one that i have
Great job
Be alot better than some of the import stuff
Nice job Smiley-signs107
Looks nice and shiny - you haven't been using Rob's special (make every thing shiny) camera, have you ?

yep but i have had to give it him back
(06-26-2012, 06:22 PM)DaveH Wrote: [ -> ] haven't been using Rob's special (make every thing shiny) camera, have you ?...

(06-27-2012, 06:26 PM)krv3000 Wrote: [ -> ]yep but i have had to give it him back

So that's why he hasn't been posting of late Bob, you had his camera. He will blame you for not progressing his CNC mill project now.
yep he will