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hi all once a gane went to the boot sale and i got two more drills for 20p each and i got a pin vice for 20p so this was my next project i disassemble it as much as possible the threaded bolt is beyond reaper so a new one will be made then placed the lot in me acid bathe after a long sock all was removed and given a good scrub in ruining water then a buff up with a wire brush i had to mack up a new bolt this will have a m8 thread SOS no pics of the next bit i drilled out the wing nut two 10.5mm i then drilled and taped m8 in the end of a Peace of steel rod then turned that dawn to just under 10.5mm to fit in to the wing nut and silver soldered it in place right pics


Smiley-signs107 Bob

you slapping some blue paint on it RotflRotflRotflRotfl

Nice find Bob
It is great to see old tools given a new lease of lifeRotflRotflRotfl
blue pant no i have sum nice red for this
Bob, this pic [attachment=2176] triggers my curiosity. Do you know what the engravings signify?
I think the crown means it was at one time owned by the forces (army ,air force ect)
My Dad had some very old spanners with the crown on them
He brought them home from his time in the air force
I think you are correct, also I think AM stands for Air Ministry - sometimes there is a date.
Nice job Bob. You took what looked to be a broken tool that was probably headed for the trash and made a respectable and useful tool out of it. Smiley-signs107

I wouldn't paint it Bob, it may be worth a few quid if it is old military.
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