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Full Version: engine No10
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hi all just sum pics of sum of the things i did for engine No10
Hi Bob,

Good work. Can you give a bit more info on the picture where you are turning between centres please? I'd like a better look at your drive set up.
hi no problem when you get a compact 8 from new their is no face plate Wat you get is a drive pin that goes in to one of the fixing holes for the chuck and you use that to drive a lathe dog well i don't have any lathe dog's their on me too do list with a drive pin so to drive the con rod that's the bit bin made i made a post out of sum scrap ally drilled the bottom and tap it m8 and fitted a m8 stud then on top of that i made up a u shape to be a snug fit over the bottom end of the con rod. that was fit ed to the top of the post by a m6 cap Heda if i still have it i will get a pic of it for you but her is sum pics of the crank bin machined up in the same way
Thanks Bob, I figured that was what you were doing but wasn't entirely sure. May have to do something similar for my mate's 9" lathe.