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Full Version: 4 steps to heaven
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hi all this project was a need to i have a selection of drills from 6.1 and up but they once lived in a draw so i decided to mack a stand for them it will go from 6.1 to 13mm its made out of wood and plastic its 300mm long by 150 wide by 80mm hi the wood is 8mm thick and the plastic is 6mm thick i used dividers to space the drills 5mm a part at present the sises are just put on with a marking pen but when all dun they will be all labeled up properly right pics
That's great! Bob, Smiley-signs107

That's a project I really need to tackle, as my drills are lying loose in a box!Sadno


Nicely done, very neat ThumbsupThumbsupThumbsup
thanks for the comments the steps are 20 then 40 then 60 then 80 i did not tack pics of the wood base bin mad up its all glued and nailed the plastic strips are screwed on and their will be supports gowning in under the strips to help support them
if i had a mill i wood of dun one on the mill
Very usefull drill stand Smiley-signs107Smiley-signs107
You will have to have another look through my drill boxesThumbsupThumbsupThumbsup
Thats a neat idea!
The only downside is all the drills you would need to buy to fill it Slaphead
I must get around to making a simpler version of this for taps and exact tap size drills Chin
hi all thanks for the comments as for baying the drills black and Decker is just up the road can pic up 4 for £2 i just keep forgetting me list
I need to make racks like that for my piloted drills and the LONG ones. Right now they live in plastic jars. Not easy to find the right one and hard on the bits.