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Full Version: new toys and a refurb
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hi all went to me favorite shop the boot sale and got sum new toys a large tap handle for £1 a height gage for 50p and a 12.3 2MT drill for 50p so that's today's project strip dawn and referb a height gage with the help of sum plus gas and gas torch ti all came a part no pics of the next bit but gave all a good soaking in me favorite rust remover right pics

The tap holder seems okay, but that height gauge is in serious need of some TLC. I hope you are up to it mate. Thumbsup
in all its not to bad you will see more tomorow
Well if anyone can bring it back from the dead you can Bob. I'm looking forward to this one!

I'm thinking the only way a height gauge could get that bad is if it was in a machine shop on a navy vessel sunk in the 1940's (in salt water of course). Chin

I too will be interested in how it turns out. Popcorn

looks like it's been living on the back streets of DC from the condition, but I bet it cleans up pretty decently
Good luck with it Bob, I am sure you will get it back into working order Big Grin, just looks like its been left out for a couple of nights in a typical North England summer to meSmile
I look forward to seeing it reborn , Cheers Mick
right got it two stage 2 all the rust is off and most of it scrubbed up well so fare but the scale is past its best the plan her is to mill out the original one and fit ether a MM rule or a MM scale off a 300 MM vernier you will get the jist when you see the pics sum of the damage dun by the rust is too deep to polish out so these bits will be panted right pics
That looks so much better Bob!

You are a patient and persistent man (as well as rust's worst enemy).

Looking good!

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