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Full Version: Blatantly Stolen Projects!
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Here are a few things I've done, lately. I have to thank everyone on this and other forums, who have given me the ideas! Rotfl

The dieholder and the QCTP indicator holder are pretty widespread designs. I saw the handwheel for the vise, and had to have one!

Nah, they are not stolen - they have all been made by yourself. Thumbsup
And very nicely made too Smiley-signs107
Thanks for showing them Smiley-dancenana
Change the thread title to "Blatantly Copied Projects!" and all is well. Big Grin

Wait! the handwheel for the vice is a vast improvement not a copy!
I'm flattered!
Very nice workmanship!! Great projects.
Nice job! It's fun being able to make your own tools.

I like the wording of "Blatantly Stolen" it makes me feel more like a rebel Rotfl I will definitely be doing plenty of the projects I have seen on here I'm sure!
"Stealing" ideas, if not for profit, is perfectly acceptable. To not use an idea to make things easier on yourself or to improve your tools is downright foolish.
If taking advantage of someone else s ideas to improve your own situation is wrong then explain school. Smiley-think005

Nice job on the personal tools Woodman.Smiley-signs107

I second the "Nice Job"

any more details on the indicator holder?
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