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Full Version: Power feed for a small mill
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This is a mod I did about 2 years ago so its now well proven
But is still waiting for me to find the time to add a fast return switch.
Impressive work Brian. Smiley-eatdrink004

Not long ago someone else posted a similar project utilizing an old (cordless?) drill motor to power their table feed. Great minds think alike I guess. Thumbsup

I've got too many unfinished projects already, so I suppose I'll have to try to sweet talk Mrs. Clause into a power feed for the knee on my mill. Rotfl
Very nicely done, Smiley-signs107 very well documented as well. Thumbsup
Thanks for the PDF file Thumbsup

A superb job! I like your method of engagement and disengagement. Simple to make. easy to use, and rugged. What did you use for a power supply?

Highpower, I think you are referring to my cheapie junk box version I posted.

Yes, it was! Cheapie junk box or not, if it works - it works.... Smiley-eatdrink004

Hah-hah.... That just reminded me of a great quote from the first "Police Academy" movie. Big Grin Big Grin Big Grin
Hi Dalee
The power supply came from Quasar with the controller,

I considered using my battery charger but decided that the output was not smoothed enough.
and the controller might not like it.

well dun

I used a charger. I figured an old drill motor might not care to much. But a more proper power supply like yours would be better. Perhaps I should revisit my power supply and do a better job.