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Full Version: Mill Transmission
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I don't have any current shop projects going on, some fabrication for work, but I decided to post a project I did a few years back.

I have a Jet JVM 836 milling machine, everything I wanted, solid, small and well built. The only thing I didn't like was the limited number of spindle speeds, 5 speeds, 250 rpm to 1550 rpm. So I built a "transmission" to increase the number of speeds, built from stuff I had in my parts inventory, my cost was less than $50 of parts bought.

The "transmission" is nothing more than a extra layshaft and a another set of pulleys, it was made as an insert module, you pull the motor, insert the "transmission" then reinsert the motor. At anytime I could, in about 5 minutes, I could return the mill back to its original to configuration.

Nice job on the transmission. What's the speed range after the conversion?


25 speeds, from 48 rpm up to 1550 rpm. with much smaller steps between the speeds.
Very neat
You cant have too many spindle speeds to play with
Very nice project!! Interesting post.
Looks like you did another great job Smiley-signs107