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Full Version: Drill press Tapper
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Bill Gruby

Finished this Hand-Tapper for my Drill Press last night.

"Billy G"
A picture is worth 1,000 words, however I'd enjoy a few words explaining "howzit work?".

Bill Gruby

Pic #1 mounted in drill press. Pic #2 handle to right is up and tapper is down. Pic #3 my big mitt turning the tapper. Pic#4 shows the tapper bottomed out on the large disk at the left. Tapping a 7/16-14 thread in this sequence.

"Billy G" Big Grin
Very nice piece of work Bill, interesting posting.
Interesting Bill - are you tapping under power, using the large wheel as a clutch or manually tapping by turning the wheel (I'm guessing the latter). Is a depth stop?
That tool cannot turn in the spindle of the drill press. In fact, it would be a good idea (and safer) to disconnect the power from the drill press to avoid accidentally turning it on. Most drill presses don't have speeds slow enough for power tapping anyhow. That's where slip-clutch tapping heads come in.
What does the "handle to the right" do, up or down?
Sorry you have to hold my hand and walk me through thisBlush.
I thought that was the case but thought I would ask.

Steve, to me that looks like it simply keeps the tap raised to make setting the hight easier. Perhaps Bill will have to post a video.

Bill Gruby

The handle holds the Tapper up on the shaft, raise the handle and the Tapper lowers to the work. The Tapper freewheels on the shaft in the Drill Press chuck. I use a Tapmatic power tapper most of the time. I found this unit a while back on the net so decided to give it a shot.

"Billy G" Big Grin
Nicely made Smiley-signs107
I have never seen one of those before - very clever Thumbsup
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