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a 2" chuck repar - krv3000 - 02-16-2013

hi all was given this as it was gowning in the bin their is no makers name on it it just has a number 704 on all of the bits it was dismantled to clean but the fixing screws and the pinion was Miss palest and never fawned a gane so the first job was to have a rut in me chuck key box to find a key that wood mach the scroll i had one but it needed a bit of work the bit that fits in to the chuck body the out side diameter on the chuck key was to Small so it needed a sleeve putting over and a sqear in the middle for a chuck key well i cheated as all i did was to drill threw a m5 stainless steel cap head Field it out so that a Alan key wood go all the way threw then the hole lot silver soldered up still need to find sum screws to fit it as they will be inch can any one help in identifying the mack of chuck

RE: a 2" chuck repar - sasquatch - 02-16-2013

Have no idea Bob, but that is an interesting little chuck!!
What size is the "Through Hole" ?

RE: a 2" chuck repar - Mayhem - 02-16-2013

Another nice fix there Bob. I wouldn't have thought about using a drill chuck key as a pinion gear.

RE: a 2" chuck repar - krv3000 - 02-17-2013

er i don't no the hole in the middle i will check tomorrow and post

RE: a 2" chuck repar - DaveH - 02-18-2013

Clever fix Bob Thumbsup Smiley-signs107

RE: a 2" chuck repar - aametalmaster - 02-18-2013

Cool fix. I have a Buck Tool Company 2" 3 jaw with #245 stamped in it. Don't know what it was on but i bought it off PM from a member. Thought it was cute...Bob

RE: a 2" chuck repar - DaveH - 02-19-2013

Very neat Thumbsup