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Wood Valentines gift - Micktoon - 02-17-2013

Evening lads, just a quick post with what I made for 'wor lass' for Valentines day gift. As many people will know Geordie men are some of the most romantic creatures on planet earthRotfl I am not really sure what wood this is, but its a burr , could be walnut ? Anyway I band sawed a heart shape out of a block that was just slightly bigger than the heart shape.

[Image: Woodheart001.jpg]

I then ran the router around to remove some of the bulk of wood I wanted off, keeping it constant from center line.

[Image: Woodheart002.jpg]

I then started sanding by hand with P40 paper on sanding block type thing as in this photo, trouble was by the time it was held enough to be able to sand it , I couldnt get good angles to sand the shape.

[Image: Woodheart004.jpg]

Plan 'B' was Makita 4 inch electric sander upside down on the bench and hold the heart against the rotating belt .... still not that easy but doable.

[Image: Woodheart008.jpg]

Then just sanded with rough belt until I more or less has the shape I wanted.

[Image: Woodheart012.jpg]

From then I had a smaller hand sanding block with sponge type soft flexible side to it and refined the shape through finer grits of sand paper.

[Image: Woodheart013.jpg]

Until it ended up like this , I think it was P600 , then a 3M type grey sanding pad.

[Image: Woodheart015.jpg]

This was final finish.

[Image: Woodheart017.jpg]

Then a coat of cellulose sanding sealer , that was wiped straight off when still wet so it just seals the wood but leaves it still smooth.

[Image: Woodheart019.jpg]

I then buffed it on the lathe with this 'Pine brush' , its quite fine but just gets things a little smoother, then it was waxed and buffed up with a cotton buff again on the lathe.

[Image: Woodheart022.jpg]

This was the finished item , it looked more smooth and shiny than in the photo to be honest......................... I am pleased to reporrt that she was very happy with it so all the sanding was worth it in the end :thumbup:

Cheers Mick

RE: Wood Valentines gift - sasquatch - 02-17-2013

Aww, the things we do for love. Lol

Looks pretty nice though.

(Come on, tell us, did you get any tooling for your'e valentines gift?)

RE: Wood Valentines gift - PixMan - 02-17-2013

It's very nice, and would have been even nicer if you had split it in half first and hollowed out the inside to make it a cache.

RE: Wood Valentines gift - Mayhem - 02-18-2013

Nice work there Mick.

I don't think I have ever seen anyone chuck up a toilet brush in their lathe though.

RE: Wood Valentines gift - EdK - 02-18-2013

(02-18-2013, 04:35 AM)Mayhem Wrote: I don't think I have ever seen anyone chuck up a toilet brush in their lathe though.


RE: Wood Valentines gift - EdK - 02-18-2013

Very nice job Mick. The finish is beautiful. Not too shiny and not too dull.


RE: Wood Valentines gift - doubleboost - 02-18-2013

Very nice MickSmiley-eatdrink004Smiley-eatdrink004
It is just the right size for her to through at you JawdropJawdropJawdropJawdrop

RE: Wood Valentines gift - krv3000 - 02-18-2013

ooo thats nice

RE: Wood Valentines gift - dallen - 02-18-2013

nice job on the heart

RE: Wood Valentines gift - Micktoon - 02-19-2013

Cheers for the comments lads Big Grin , Pixman it was bad enought sanding the thing in one bit nevermind two halves Rotfl , I have already made a heart shaped jewelry box last year so this thank god this projet just had to look nice.
Mayhem, I knew that buffing brush reminded me of something Rotfl
John , I dont think she would throw it as she knows I would throw it back Rotfl plus you know how girls throw , so it would miss anyway more than likely Smile

Cheers Mick